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Online Communication Consultants

Online Communication Consultants (OCC) is a full-service consultancy offering C-Suite services, as well as technical consulting ranging from network design and assessment to financial analysis.

Clients benefit from the company's experience in advising both end-users and networking vendors, bringing an understanding of both environments to many projects. By having a background in both analytical consulting and communication software development, OCC can provide not only an industry view of existing and developing standards, from the point of view of an industry analyst, but a view of communication protocols at the in-depth view of a software engineer. With this background, the consultants at OCC can assist vendors and end-user clients in troubleshooting, configuration analysis, and a view to the future by tying the theoretical and practical views into a cohesive solution for the customer. 

OCC consultants offer in-depth experience gathered in working with industry analyst/market research, networking product vendor, and end-user network consulting firms. They are thus well-positioned to provide expert advice in translating networking-related business problems into innovative solutions. We have assisted companies large and small with their efforts to enhance and enable communication. 
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